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Here you can download digital versions of our publications and reports available in English (pdf files at the bottom of this page).

Some of our publications, reports and documents are in Polish only. They can be viewed and downloaded  here


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Paper "Children with Migration Backgrounds in Polish Schools - Problems and Challenges" by Jakub Kościółek

Journal "Annales. Annals for Istrian and Mediterranean Studies. Series Historia et Sociologia" has published an article by Jakub Kościółek from our Association on the situation of children with migration background in the Polish education system: "Children with Migration Backgrounds in Polish Schools - Problems and Challenges". The article was an academic achievement within the Micreate2020 project. In this special issue you will find some more articles written by academics involved in this project from other research teams. We encourage you to read them. Link to the article:



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Our Association is a part of the project "MiCREATE - Migrant Children and Communities in a Transforming Europe". We would like to share with you research reports created as a part of it. Below you will find reports on the situation of children with migration background in media and political discourse on migrants and a report containing an analysis of interviews with experts. You can read reports only for Poland or their wider versions analyzing the situation also in other European countries where project is implemented. 


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Local/Intersectoral Policies in the Field of Migrant Integration. Project Summary

We are proud to present the report summarizing the project ”Local Intersectoral Policy for the Integration of Immigrants” (”Lokalne Międzysektorowe Polityki na rzecz Integracji Imigrantów”). The project was very important for us – with many initiatives being carried out in Poland and abroad (Vienna, Lisboa) for the integration of migrants, it started the process of strengthening cooperation between the main locations where these activities are run and thus goes beyond the perspective of one city or one type of activity. By initiating the Forums – held in various places in Poland (including Krakow), gathering people from different sectors – we wanted to show the importance of cities/self-governments in shaping the situation of migrants in our country. We also strove to engage as many foreigners in the debate as possible.


Multicultural Europe - are we really united in diversity?

“Multicultural Europe – are we really united in diversity?” - post-workshop publication.

This publication was prepared to share the results of the Grundtvig workshop: Multicultural Europe - are we really united in diversity? Anti-discrimination training. The workshop  took place in Kraków from 17th April until 21st April 2012 and was funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission.

Foreigners in Kraków

Report "Foreigners in Krakow". An assessment of Krakow institutions and their adjustment to the needs of foreigners living or visiting Krakow. The information presented in the report is a result of a 7-month monitoring project, conducted by the INTERKULTURALNI PL between January and July 2011. The monitoring measures were funded by the Stefan Batory Foundation within the Democracy in Action program. A long-term objective of the project was to facilitate foreigners to work and live in Krakow.

More information about the project here


Pliki do pobrania:

Foreigners in Krakow - final report.pdf (Rozmiar: 2110364 bajtów)
Multicultural Europe post-workshop publication.pdf (Rozmiar: 1008007 bajtów)
Local Intersectoral Policies in the Field of Migrant Integration. Project Summary.pdf (Rozmiar: 3589146 bajtów)
MiCREATE. Contemporary Debates on Migrant Children Integration.pdf (Rozmiar: 886482 bajtów)
MiCREATE. Comparative Report Educational Community Members and School Systems.pdf (Rozmiar: 1411911 bajtów)
MiCREATE. National Report on Educational Community.Poland.pdf (Rozmiar: 694240 bajtów)
MiCREATE. EU Policy Framework for Integration of Migrant Children.pdf (Rozmiar: 1158912 bajtów)
MiCREATE. Snapshot of Good Practices for Integration of Migrant Children.pdf (Rozmiar: 869312 bajtów)
MiCREATE. Snapshot of Innovative Approaches for Integration of Migrant Children.pdf (Rozmiar: 726048 bajtów)
MiCREATE. State of the Art.pdf (Rozmiar: 2524001 bajtów)
MiCREATE. Political and media discourse analysis and review of public opinion.pdf (Rozmiar: 1813852 bajtów)
MiCREATE. Fieldwork with Experts.pdf (Rozmiar: 1332616 bajtów)
Paper in Annales.pdf (Rozmiar: 2740771 bajtów)
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