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November 2020 - March 2021

Association together with the Mikołaj Rej Foundation for Polish Language and Culture Support invited students of primary and secondary schools in Kraków to participate in an artistic competition (fine arts, literature, photography) entitled "Multicultural city in the 21st century".

The aim of the competition was:

1. Promotion of multiculturalism, social attitudes based on tolerance and openness to diversity, affiliated with respect to the historical and cultural environment, including local heritage.

2. Encourage students to be actively interested in the city, its history, cultural heritage, regional identity and enable them to be creative about the future of the city as a centre of many cultures and a reservoir of social diversity.

3. Development of artistic skills among children, as well as creating an impulse for the development of intercultural sensitivity, artistic skills and enabling children and young people to get to know the city.

136 works were submitted to the competition. Six works were awarded in two age categories, and 12 more distinctions were named. The award ceremony was held on March 12, 2021 at the Krakow City Hall.

The project was financed by the City of Krakow.






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November 2020 - February 2021

The exhibition of the Belarusian art “Before / After / 2020. Belarus ”is an artistic chronicle of dramatic events of the August 2020 that took place in Belarus after the presidential elections: it is an authentic display, sincere emotional background, truthful description of the events.
The paintings, graphics and sculptures presented in this exposition comes with the reflection of the citizenship of the 10 Belarusian artists. They are united by the common pain, rage, powerlessness, fear, despair that they expressed in their art.
Life in their works has been divided to 'before' and 'after' the tragic events, just like the exhibition itself consists of two vectors, two planes.

Due to pandemic reasons, the exhibition was organized virtually (, and on February 9-23 it was presented in the lower lobby of the Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology. The author of the idea and the curator of the exhibition was Ksyeniya Zhukowskaya, and the event was organized in cooperation with the Belarusian community in Krakow. As part of the project, an online debate was also held. "Belarus is a woman", attended by Belarusian activists and social activists (

The project was co-financed by the City of Krakow.






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April 2020 - December 2020

We were for the second time partner organization in The Information Point for Foreigners in Kraków. Point had been operating since April 2018. As a result of the announced competition, the operator of the Point The Foundation for Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation “U-WORK" was selected.

According to the assumptions of the Open Kraków Programme, the task of the Information Point for Foreigners was to achieve the following objectives:

1. Increasing foreigners' knowledge of their rights and obligations and issues related to urban life in the areas:
- access to education,
- access to health care,
- access to culture,
- specialist rights, e. g. driving licences, bicycle cards for minors,
- access to social assistance and social benefits,
- access to the labour market and equal conditions of employment, job placement, personal or vocational counselling,
- access to the housing market,
- access to emergency intervention, legal aid, attorney, psychological assistance, etc.,
- the experience of unequal treatment, including violence and/or discrimination,
- assistance in settling life issues, e. g. legalization of stay, obtaining the Card of the Pole, registration, PESEL, E-PUAP,
- registration of children, citizenship, work permits, etc.,
- take advantage of opportunities to improve their knowledge and competencies, e. g. free and/or paid language courses, qualification courses, vocational courses.

2. The increase of civic involvement of foreigners living in Kraków and their integration with the inhabitants of the city through:
- identification of opportunities to become involved in the activities of social groups and undertake  the civic activity, assistance in association and self-organisation,
- providing information on organizations and institutions working for the benefit of migrants and national and ethnic minorities in Kraków,
- popularisation of knowledge about cultural and educational events and events,
- popularisation of the idea of the Civic Budget   Avoidance of the Expat Blues phenomenon,

3. Strengthening information and promotion activities in the area of integration of foreigners in Kraków, including :
- operation of the e-mail box of the Information Point made available for servicing foreigners (,
- operation of an on-call telephone number (12 312 46 06) for information for foreigners during their on-call time,
- FanPage on Facebook of the Information Point for Foreigners, permanent contact with the Department for Social Projects, Dialogue and Multiculturalism in the field of developing content for publication,
- providing posters and Point leaflets to offices and institutions servicing migrants.

4. Service in the Information Point was provided at least in the 4 following languages: Polish, English, Ukrainian, Russian.

The point was run by the Foundation for Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation U-WORK in cooperation with :
Foundation for the Support of Polish Language and Culture M. Reja,  ONE WORLD- ONE HEART Foundation,
Association of Multicultural Families
and the media patron “".

The project was financed by Municipality of Kraków.






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October 2018 - December 2018

The INTERKULTURALIA Festival is an annual event taking place in Krakow and aimed at popularizing knowledge about multiculturalism and cultural diversity. The 2018 edition of the Festival was devoted to the cultures of neighboring countries, ethnic and national minorities in Poland and the multicultural heritage of Krakow. During the 2018 INTERKULTURALIA Festival, which took place on November 21st-25th, we organized debates, academic lectures, acculturation and legal workshops for foreigners, thematic city walks, creative writing workshops, culinary trainings and a number of other events promoting other cultures and having a knowledge-promoting impact.

The festival was co-financed by the City of Krakow.




May 2018 - December 2018

The Association became  a partner in the project  of opening and providing a services under  Information Point for Foreigners in Krakow.

The Information Point was run by four organizations: the Foundation for Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation "U-WORK" (Project Leader), the "ZUSTRICZ" Foundation, the Mikołaj Rej Foundation for the Support of Culture and Polish Language  and our organization.
Information Point for Foreigners became a place where every foreigner living in Krakow could get the information he needed.
Info Point where placed at Batorego 2 street.  It was not only a place where we provided information but it was also a space for integration and implementation of projects for foreigners.

We provided information within the following scope:
· Legal regulations (legalization of stay or residence, purchase and rental of real estate and other forms of leases);
· How the social security system works and how to access the health care system;
· Access to the labor market, upgrading professional qualifications; enrol for vocational trainings
· Obtaining social, housing and social benefits;
· Education of children and adults, including Polish language learning;
· Access to culture;
· Administrative procedures related to the day-to-day operation in the local environment (eg driving license, car registration, registration to PESEL, E-PUAP systems, etc.).

The project was co-financed by the Municipality of Krakow.








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November 2016 - March 2017

In November, the Association started a new project called "Lessons of tolerance – draft scenarios for schools", the aim of which was to prepare a methodological guide for teachers how to tell students of middle and high schools about issues of tolerance, social diversity and anti-discrimination. Guide was published in the electronic version in the form of a specific lesson plans, with numerous "examples taken from life", proposals of teaching materials, explanation of concepts and direct plan how to introduce elements of antidiscrimination education to school. Lessons were devoted to national and ethnic minorities, refugees, religious tolerance and respect to personal views. The project also run a website where teachers are able to contact us, seek knowledge and sustain responses to questions asked by them and students (FAQ). Scenarios was ready on 31st of December 2016 and will be made available to schools as an elective courses.

The project was co-financed by funds from the Municipality of Krakow.



Project was co-financed by funds collected by our organization from 1% of taxes.




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November 2016 - February 2017

Yet on November 25th, 2016, with screening of the movie "Lampedusa in Winter” Association launched a new project implemented by courtesy of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, and in cooperation with the Institute for Intercultural Studies at the Jagiellonian University named Human Rights on Film. The festiwal presented five documentaries talking about different aspects of observance or violation of human rights. Before screenings we organized meetings with experts and after projections – discussion with audience.

Project was realised thanks to:




 Project was co-financed by funds collected by our organization from 1% of taxes.




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September 2014 - February 2016

Since September 2014 our Association with partnership of Dialog Pheniben-Foundation had begun a 18-months project "Hate Speech Alert- against hate speech in public", that was financed by EEA Funds. The aim of the project was to prevent using a hate speech towards 3 social groups mostly exposed by it from journalist and politicians. The selection of groups was made throughout diagnosis of the past two years media screening. The main prevention activities included the workshops for journalist and political cabinets. Additional control and monitoring actions were held by Hate Speech Alert voluntary teams towards media presence of the politicians and analisis of the press and electronic media publications. The project was supported by social media educational and conscience raising campaign. Our actions were nationwide and intensified during parliamentary and presidential elections period. We published manuals that will help politicians and journalist to avoid hate speech and inappropriate language in their work and public statements.

Project was cofinanced by EEA Grants.




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August 2015 - December 2015

On August 1st 2015 we had started a project, that is financed by the Municipality of Krakow, which aimed to organize the 2nd edition of Intekulturalia Intercultural Festival as a part of the public task referring to “Promotion and protection of human rights and civic liberties, including tasks supporting democracy development.”
The idea of Interkulturalia Festival arised from the assumption that promotion of interticulturalism is the key to the fight against racism and xenophobia and to increase the acceptance of diversity in the local environment.
The primary objective of Interkulturalia was draw the attention of the residents of Krakow to issues of cultural diversity and need of the fight against racist and xenophobic attitudes.

The activities provided an opportunity to the people of Krakow, derived from different backgrounds and cultures the possibility to meet and jointly celebrate diversity as an asset enriching local social relations and a favorable cultural development of the local community.

The festival participant were able to take part in dance, culinary, calligraphic and music workshops, and learn diversity of languages, culture, art and cuisine around the world. There was possible to see exhibition about immigrants, film show and attend a final music event summarizing the festival. Foreigners also had the opportunity to present their culture during a multicultural fair.  

The project was cofinanced by Municipality of Krakow.


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February 2015 - July 2015

Polish language course

A Polish language course for foreigners. The lessons were provided by voluntary teacher for 20 foreigners from several countries that reside in Krakow. The course was held in Association office, and was conducted as organization own start-up project. The learning books had been partly sponsored by Varia Polish Language School and partly bought by INTERKULTURALNI PL. Participants were divided into two groups meeting on a weekly basis.



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 August 2014 - December 2014

Between August and December 2014 our association conducted the project "Skala intercultural meetings". It was a series of 7 events that promotes cultures and literatures of national and ethnic minorities, that lives in Poland and constitute the major minorities in our country.

Events include lectures, meetings with authors, dancing workshops, musical workshops, plays for children and movie screenings.

Project was held together with Centre for Culture, Sport and Leisure in Skala, where it took place.

It was financed by Ministry of Culture and National Heritage



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April 2013 - December 2014

The Other Space Foundation (Warsaw) in cooperation with Homo Faber Association (Lublin) and Interkulturalni PL (Kraków) launched the project entitled “Local Cross-Sectoral Policies on Integrating Immigrants”. The first major event held as a part of this project was the working forum taking place in Kraków from 25th till 27th October 2013.

The aim of the project was to draw up recommendations for developing coherent policy on integrating immigrants. These recommendations were based on practical experiences in cross-sectoral cooperation gained by the three major immigration destinations in Poland, namely Warsaw, Kraków and Lublin. Three cross-sectoral working forums were an excellent opportunity to share local experiences. The whole project gained European dimension thanks to foreign experts participating in work and discussions, as well as the recent study visit in Vienna, which took place from 8th till 12th August 2013. The forums were supposed to bring the following measurable results: the development of monitoring tools and the tools for creating cities’ offers for immigrants, the discovery of the ways to meaningfully support local organizations acting for the sake of immigrants’ integration and increasing immigrants’ participation in decision-making processes concerning them directly. Supporting public debate on voting rights for certain immigrants was the vital part of the project. What is more, establishing Warsaw Multicultural Centre was promoted, which could be considered the tangible cross-sectoral tool for the development of foreigners integration policy.

The activities planned were conducted as parts of two projects: “Local Cross-Sectoral Policies on Integrating Immigrants”, co-funded by Switzerland through the Swiss programme of cooperation with the new EU member states, as well as “Local migration policies - exchanging experiences of different states in migration management in the cities”, co-funded by the European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals and the Polish state budget.


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 May 2013 - December 2013

Support from the beginning” was a network of cross-cultural assistants who volunteer to help foreigners acclimatize in Kraków. The group had been established as a part of a project launched by Interkulturalni PL and the Municipality of Krakow.

A group of volunteers were trained to become cross-cultural assistants. The training included areas such as: cross-cultural competence and administrative procedures that foreigners usually encounter after their arrival in Poland. This means that foreigners could reach out to our volunteers for assistance with their visits to Polish institutions and offices, filling in forms, searching for accommodation, discovering the culture and the city of Kraków, etc. The project was the first one of its kind and it should be treated as a pilot study.



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February - April 2013

As a result of „Intercultural Academy – good practices" project, INTERKULTURALNI PL has published a report on initiatives aiming at promotion of cultural diversity in Malopolska region.





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“INTERKULTURALIA. LET’S MEET!” was the largest multicultural event in Krakow. It took place on Saturday, 27th October 2012 

The aim of this event was to present the cultural diversity of Krakow. Foreigners working and leading their everyday life in Krakow had decided, for the first time,  to introduce their cultures and themselves to Polish inhabitants of the city. Volunteers who took part in the event explained how their presence and intercultural exchange could impact the cultural, social and economic development of our city.   



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July 2012 - February 2013

The Association had been continuing the project "Against racism and xenophobia: city response and prevention strategy". The aim of the project was to support the implementation of the strategy by the Kraków City Council.


The project was financed by The Stefan Batory Foundation.


opis niedostepny August 2011 - May 2012

"Against racism and xenophobia: city response and prevention strategy"

Our partner was the Municipality of Krakow. 

The project addressed the problem of significant number of anti-Semitic and racist incidents in Kraków, and the lack of city coherent prevention and response strategy. It was financed by the CEE Trust - The Trust of Civil Society on Central and Eastern Europe


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17th -  21st April 2012

Grundtvig Workshops: "Multicultural Europe - are we really united in diversity? Anti-discrimination training"

Project is funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission.



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January - March 2012

Acting toward change – introducing recommendations from the report „Foreigners in Kraków". The project was financed by The Stefan Batory Foundation.




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January 2011 - July 2011

"Kraków Foreigners Friendly"

We carried out the project which was designed to identify the problems that foreigners face while legalizing their stay in Poland. Our main goal is to assess whether Krakow's institutions are prepared to meet foreigners needs.The project was financed by The Stefan Batory Foundation.



Transkaukazja Inauguration Toast

10th of June 2011. Transkaukazja Inauguration Toast 







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25th May - 5th June 2011. Together with Society for African Affairs JU, FilmGramm Foundation and Anthropological Association "Archipelagi Kultury" we are organized African Festival in Cracow 2011




Interkulturalni PL Afrykamera 2010 1st – 7th October 2010. AfryKamera 2010 in Kraków. African Film Festival Poland

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