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opis niedostepny

dr Jakub Kościółek
President of the Board

Management executive, senior researcher

Cultural studies graduate, he gained PhD in Cultural Studies in 2017 at the the Jagiellonian University. He is an academic teacher in the Institute for Intercultural Studies at Jagiellonian University. He participated in many scientific conferences and is an author of numerous articles on subjects ranging from the problems of the linguistic situation in Ukraine, the fear of crime generated by the media, issues of exploitation of the Holocaust in popular culture, to the analysis of the canonical works of literature and drama of the twentieth century, the most important of which are "The conflict in Darfur" (2010) and "USA toward Genocide in Africa. The Role of American Political Culture in Creating an Antigenocide Movement" (2019). In the Association he focuses on the promotion of non-European cultures and coordination of cultural events. He is an expert in the field of multiculturalism and intercultural conflict. His greatest passions are African and Middle East cultures. Currently he is coordinator of MiCREATE and NEW ABC projects.


opis niedostepny

Jolanta Orlef
Vice-President of the Board

A graduate of Ukrainian Studies at the Faculty of International and Political Studies at the Jagiellonian University. Associated with organization for many years, where she dealt with administrative issues, and worked as a cultural consultant. She had taken part in "Skala multicultural meetings" as the organizer and one of the lecturers. She is interested in social phenomenons rooted in cultural contexts, especially the position of women. Her interests are primarily focused on the exploration of literature and contemporary culture as much as it possible for a mother. She specializes in modern Ukrainian literature. Currently, she is living in the Bieszczady Mountains, what expands the perspective and view of our team in the field of intercultural relations at the border further beyond.

Adam Bulandra J.S.D.

Adam Bulandra, J.S.D.
Vice-President of the Board

Aid and Advocacy Projects Coordinator, senior researcher

Solicitor, criminologist, gain his PhD title in 2011. Since 2003 successfully specializes in migration and refugee law, the theory as well as the practice. Social psychology and sociology belong to his main area of interests. Passionate advocate of diversity affirmation, full inclusion and reduction of social exclusion spheres. Supervises the administrative and legal side of the association as well as coordinates aid projects. Currently he is a senior researcher in MiCREATE and NEW ABC projects. Legal counselor and solicitor runing individual law firm (


opis niedostepny

dr Jadwiga Romanowska

PR Specialist, junior researcher

Cultural studies graduate, gained PhD in Cultural Studies at the the Faculty of Philosophy at the Jagiellonian University, certified instructor of dance and academic teacher at Jagiellonian University and Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Her research interests revolve around the concept of transculturality and transcultural identity, as well as the anthropology of dance. Her biggest passion is flamenco dance, which was also the subject of her PhD dissertation. She was involved in project "HATE SPEECH ALERT - against hate speech in public sphere". Currently she is a junior researcher in MiCREATE and NEW ABC projects.

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dr Joanna Talewicz-Kwiatkowska

Senior researcher

Ph.D. in anthropology. Currently, she works as assistant professor at the University  of Warsaw in the Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Antropology. Joanna was a fellow of Alliance for Historical Dialogue and Accountability Program at the Columbia University (2018), Leadership Academy for Poland (2016), grantee of the Fulbright scholarship (2015-2016), Tom Lantos Institute (2017), European Commission’s program: Marie Curie - Conferences and Training Courses on Multi-Disciplinary and Cross-National Approaches to Romani Studies (Central European University, 2009). In her work she is focused on Roma communities in Europe and U.S. However, her main topic relates to the Roma Holocaust. Talewicz-Kwiatkowska is among others co-author of the book "Direction: Future, 25 years of freedom and the Roma people" (2018), co-author of the report "Cognitive and linguistic functioning of Roma children attending the primary special needs and mass schools – social contexts" (2011), and co-author of the book "Voices of Memory 7. Roma in KL Auschwitz" (2011). In the Association she is a senior researcher in the MiCREATE project.


opis niedostepny

dr Joanna Durlik

Team Member, junior researcher

Psychologist and a PhD candidate at the Institute of Psychology, Jagiellonian University, where she works in the Psychology of Language and Bilingualism Laboratory LangUsta ( Her research interests include bi- and multilingualism, bilingual language processing, and linguistic and psychological consequences of migration. Currently she is a principal investigator in two grants funded by Polish National Science Centre and she worked in few other research projects. She has completed several scientific internships at the universities in Spain, UK and the USA. Apart from the research projects she is engaged in outreach activities which aim to transfer the research-based knowledge about multilingualism and multiculturalism among parents, teachers and practitioners; She also works as a coordinator of Krakow branch of the Bilingualism Matters network ( In the Association she is a junior researcher in MiCREATE and NEW ABC projects.

opis niedostepny

Urszula Majcher-Legawiec
Expert of Education system, junior researcher

Teaches Polish as a foreign language as well as teaches methodology, and didactics of culture. She works as a trainer of key competences, she prepares and conducts trainings and workshops for teachers working in a multicultural educational environment. She created multiple foreigners oriented urban games scenarios and didactic materials published on She is a co-author of three textbooks designed to teach Polish as a foreign or second language. Urszula Legawiec took part in creating didactic materials avaliable on the platform and she is the author of several scientific and popular science articles. She initiated establishing social multicultural school in Krakow ( She has been working as the methodological advisor for multiculturalism in Krakow since the beginning of 2018. She also collaborates with the Jagiellonian University and the Pedagogical University of Krakow, as well as the University of Warsaw, where she is PhD candidate at the Institute of Applied Linguistics. She coopertate with the Association for several years nowadays. Currently she is a junior researcher in the MiCREATE and NEW ABC projects.

Klaudia Wilk

dr Klaudia Wilk-Mhagama

Team member

She has graduated from PhD studies at the Institute for Intercultural Studies at Jagiellonian University. She gained PhD title in cultural studies on 2016. During her studies she had conducted a field research in Tanzania and she worked as an analyst in Polish Centre for African Studies.  She is a member of Polish African Society as well as co-founder and member of Jagiellonian Centre for African Studies in Cracow. Her research interests revolve around the social and cultural changes as well as sociology of religion. She coordinated project: "Interkulturalia - promotion of interculturalism as a key to fight against racism and xenophobia". She is currently in Tanzania, where beside pursuing her family life and conducting research, she also explores the possibility of developing cooperation between the Association and Tanzanian NGOs.



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