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Organizers and Partners

About the MiCREATE project

The project starts from position that the existing social and political order does not offer enough autonomous space where children could independently speak for themselves. Our aim is to create ‘a space’ where migrant children of all ages are able to communicate and share their experiences after arriving or being brought up in receiving societies. The proposed project embarks on a mission to gather their stories in order to support their needs and aspirations when it comes to integration into majority societies, with an aim to make heard the voices of the least powerful members of communities, as an argument and factor for change.

Stemming from the need to revisit the existing integration policies, the research project aims at comprehensive examination of contemporary integration processes of migrant children in order to empower them. The project is problem-driven and exploratory at the same time. Its exploratory part mainly concerns child-centred approach to understanding integration challenges, migrant needs and their well-being. However, the findings of the open-ended exploratory research will be used in an explicitly problem driven way – with an aim to stimulate migrant inclusion, to empower migrants and build their skills already within the (participatory) research.

More information about partners and researchers in the MiCREATE project can be found at:


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