INTERKULTURALNI PL is a partner of the “(In)equality. Faces of Contemporary Europe” conference.

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Between 19th and 21st November 2021, the 2nd International Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference of KN IDE was held. “(In) equality. Faces of Contemporary Europe”, of which our organization was a partner. The conference was a hybrid event hosted by the University of Wrocław. Thanks to the organizational partnership, we were able to promote the Micreate Horizon 2020 project and show the results of our two-year project study on the integration of children with migration backgrounds in schools and in transition situations (e.g. in refugee centres). Among the panellists, we hosted our leaders from Slovenia from the ZRS Koper, prof. Mateja Sedmak, Lucija Dežan, Barbara Gornik and Zorana Medarić, as well as partners from Ελληνικό Ανοικτό Πανεπιστήμιο ΕΑΠ – Hellenic Open University from Greece: Nektaria Palaiologou and Victoria Prekate. There, we presented the foundations of our project, as well as the results of our research in transition places, discussing topics such as the educational situation of children seeking protection during the Covid-19 epidemic in Greece, as well as the educational support they receive from teachers and intercultural assistants in Poland. There was also talk about the children’s direct experiences and views on integration, especially in Slovenia. On behalf of our organization, the results of the national fieldwork were presented by Adam Bulandra and Jakub Kościółek.