The First National Intersectoral Working Forum

Aim: Provide support for the development of the local, innovative and open migrant integration policies on basis of the practical experience in field of intersectoral cooperation

Rules of the Forum:

  • The Forum is a working – type event: the participants divided in small groups aim to develop a specific Action Plan as well as recommendations that are in line with the session tracks. The diaspora representation members, experts, decision – makers andpractitioners areinvited to take part in the Forum.
  • Each participant is encouraged to provide a solid and relevant contribution to the Forum.

Session topics:

  • Law and Practice (rights and government responsibilities concerning the immigration issues, developing proposals for amendments within the local and national legislation, etc.)
  • Projects of Polish cities for the immigration community (local integration and discrimination prevention policies, urban programs targeting the immigration community, active immigrants acquisition)
  • Immigrant participation in public life (migrants community self – organization, initiatives launched by the non – governmental organizations to stimulate the immigration community, framework for the cooperation)
  • Social Campaign (intersectoral campaign planning for the improvement of social awareness concerning the immigration and increased rate of participation of the immigration community in public life in Poland)

Note: As part of the Forum, we have also foreseen workshops and meetings devoted to other issues. Everyone is invited to submit proposals for topics, as phase of the registration process of the participation in the Forum.


To register fill in the form

Aplication deadline: the 7th of October, 2013

We offer a possibility to cover the costs of the participation in the conference (journey, accommodation expenses).

More information:

Project is run by The Other Space Foundation , the Interkulturalni PL Association and the Homo Faber Association in cooperation with the City Councils of Krakow, Lublin and Warsaw.