Citizens of Kraków say NO to racism and xenophobia!

A website directed to the victims and witnesses of racist and xenophobic incidents in Kraków has just been launched. On anyone can anonymously report a case of discriminatory treatment or send a photo of offensive inscriptions.

Why all this? Thanks to this website citizens of Krakow will be able to join the fight against racism and xenophobia existing in the public space. All photos will be published in the Shame Alley and appropriate authorities will be informed about the offensive inscriptions. Those who fill in the questionnaire in ‘Report an incident’ tab and decide to leave their contact data will also have the opportunity to receive a legal help.

What’s the additional benefit from taking the action? In a long-term perspective the objective is more ambitious than merely gathering data and identifying the problem. The website is a part of a project ‘Against racism and xenophobia: development of a city prevention and response strategy’ conducted by the organization INTERKULTURALNI PL. “This strategy will be a guide to implement and coordinate actions of all public institutions in Kraków. Its aim is to reduce incidents motivated by racism and xenophobia (inscriptions, vandalism, individual and group actions)” – says Adam Bulandra from INTERKULTURALNI PL. “The strategy will be based on adjusting models of coping with such incidents from other European cities to the local conditions of Kraków”.

The specific character of this problem in Kraków will be recognized mainly thanks to the information gathered via the website, which will help us to elaborate more effective strategy. So, if you have seen any racist or xenophobic incident it is worth devoting 15 minutes to report it on!

The project is being conducted by INTERKULTURALNI PL in cooperation with the City of Kraków supported by grant from the Trust for Civil Society for Central and Eastern Europe.