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About the Grundtvig Workshops
The objective of Grundtvig Workshops  is to enable adult learners to participate in Workshops (learning events and seminars) taking place in another European country participating in the Lifelong Learning Programme. It brings together individuals or small groups of learners from several countries for a multinational learning experience relevant for their personal development and learning needs.[*** information from GRUNDTVIG WORKSHOPS CATALOGUE 2011 – 2012]

Multicultural Europe – are we really united in diversity? Anti-discrimination training

*** Please not that the deadline for sending applications was 16th of December 2011 

Venue: Kraków
Date of the Workshop: 17/04/2012 – 21/04/2012

Subject area: Intercultural education, Fight against racism and xenophobia, Active citizenship, democracy, human rights
Working language: English
Target Group:
Adult learners from various backgrounds who are interested in intercultural exchange and wish to deepen their knowledge on the issue of discrimination and anti-discriminatory practice.
Expected number of participants: 15

Main activities Programme:
The main goal of the workshop is to strengthen cultural sensitivity and deepen the knowledge on the issue of discrimination and anti-discriminatory practice. Participants will be confronted with the way they categorize the world around them through stereotypes and realize how often it leads to discriminatory behaviors. Programme of the Workshop is designed to provide the opportunity to exchange cultural knowledge, experience group processes especially those underlying discrimination, reflect upon living in multicultural Europe and European identity. Participants will also be introduced to anti-discrimination laws and have the possibility to practice and improve intercultural communication skills.

Participants of the workshop will:
– experience intercultural interaction,
– have the possibility to exchange cultural knowledge,
– deepen their understanding of stereotypes and acts of discrimination that often follows them,
– confront their own stereotypes and prejudice in a safe environment,
– get familiar with European anti-discrimination law and anti-discriminatory practice,
– develop an attitude of curiosity towards other cultures
– strengthen cultural sensitivity and intercultural communication skills

Participants are expected to arrive to Kraków on 16th of April 2012 and leave on the 22nd. They will be asked to arrange their travel within 300 EUR limit. The cost of travel expenses will be reimbursed upon receipt of the originals of travelling documents. They will be accommodated in single rooms in the hotel with the upgraded three-star standard located in downtown Krakow, in the heart of the former Jewish district – Kazimierz. Workshop activities will take place in a conference room of the hotel.

Application procedure:
If you would like to participate in a workshop please send filled in and signed application form by email: Deadline: 16th of December 2011

We will select candidates according to selection rules which have been approved by its Lifelong Learning / Grundtvig National Agencies. These include rules on the minimum number of learners from a varied number of countries. We will inform all the candidates about the results of the selection process in January 2012.

Project is funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission.