“Hate Speech Alert- against hate speech in public”

September 2014 – February 2016

Since September 2014 our Association with partnership of Dialog Pheniben-Foundation had begun a 18-months project “Hate Speech Alert- against hate speech in public”, that was financed by EEA Funds. The aim of the project was to prevent using a hate speech towards 3 social groups mostly exposed by it from journalist and politicians. The selection of groups was made throughout diagnosis of the past two years media screening. The main prevention activities included the workshops for journalist and political cabinets. Additional control and monitoring actions were held by Hate Speech Alert voluntary teams towards media presence of the politicians and analisis of the press and electronic media publications. The project was supported by social media educational and conscience raising campaign. Our actions were nationwide and intensified during parliamentary and presidential elections period. We published manuals that will help politicians and journalist to avoid hate speech and inappropriate language in their work and public statements.

Project was cofinanced by EEA Grants.