”Intercultural Academy – Good Practices” The success of intercultural trainings!

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Intercultural trainings for organizations, which sent good practice in the area of promotion and management of cultural diversity in Małopolska Region,  took place on 7th, 8th, and 11th March. The report presenting submitted initiatives will be published by the end of March. All the activities are carried out within the framework of the “Intercultural Academy – Good Practices” project.

People who work on a daily basis for completely different organizations and who have various intercultural experiences, met for the joint activities in Krakow’s City Hall. The total number of 35 people took part in the three trainings – on intercultural competence, intercultural communication, and the work in a diverse team. The participants analyzed the influence the culture has on the behaviour and examined how perception works. They also studied the differences in preferences concerning work, style of communication, or conflict resolution.  Thanks to taking part in trainings’ activities, simulations, and discussions they improved their skills, gain new knowledge, and examined different points of view. The participants came from Poland, Ukraine, Hungary as well as Italy and represented the following organizations:

Private Sector:

– Affiliated Computer Services of Poland – a Xerox company

– Amway Business Centre Europe Sp. z o.o.

– Capgemini Sp. z o.o.

– Invidia HR

Public Sector:

– Małopolska Provincial Office in Kraków, Foreigner’s Affair Unit

– The Municipality of  Kraków: 

a) Mayor’s Office

b) Municipal Support Centre for Social Initiatives (MOWIS);

c) Department of Safety and Emergency Management

d) Department of Information, Tourism and City Promotion

– The Municipal Police of Kraków,

– The Regional Centre of Social Policy in Krakow (ROPS)

 Higher education:

– AIESEC Local Committee Krakow

– Cracow University of Technology

– Cracow University of Technology Students’ Union

– Cracow University of Economics 

The trainings were conducted by Anna Kostecka and Iga Machalewska. If you are interested in educational offer of the Intercultural Academy, please feel free to contact us (iga.machalewska@interkulturalni.pl). You will find more details at www.interkulturalni.pl in the ‘education’ tab. Trainings can be held either in Polish or English. Don’t miss out!