“Multicultural city in the 21st century”

November 2020 – March 2021

Association together with the Mikołaj Rej Foundation for Polish Language and Culture Support invited students of primary and secondary schools in Kraków to participate in an artistic competition (fine arts, literature, photography) entitled “Multicultural city in the 21st century“.

The aim of the competition was:

1. Promotion of multiculturalism, social attitudes based on tolerance and openness to diversity, affiliated with respect to the historical and cultural environment, including local heritage.

2. Encourage students to be actively interested in the city, its history, cultural heritage, regional identity and enable them to be creative about the future of the city as a centre of many cultures and a reservoir of social diversity.

3. Development of artistic skills among children, as well as creating an impulse for the development of intercultural sensitivity, artistic skills and enabling children and young people to get to know the city.

136 works were submitted to the competition. Six works were awarded in two age categories, and 12 more distinctions were named. The award ceremony was held on March 12, 2021 at the Krakow City Hall.

The project was financed by the City of Krakow.