We announce pre-festival events on INTERKULTURALIA 2018

Interkulturalia 2018 Festival is coming. This year theme is dedicated to our closer and farer neighbours . Remember to book our events which will last between 21st and 25th of November. In the meantime we have several surprise for you – the numerous pre-festival events. Yet on the November 1st you will have opportunity to learn the All Saints Day tradition during the outdoor language adaptive workshop. Two other language workshop will be held on the 4th of November in Zustricz Foundtion premises. On 9th and 16th of November we will reveal all the mysteries out of the legalization processes in Poland. Lastly on the 14th of November in Spoldzielnia Ogniwo please come to hear the lecture of prof. Gembala about the role of multilingualism in the multicultural society.

Program of pre-festival events available below.