We’ve begun preparations for the Festival INTERKULTURALIA 2017

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On the 1st of August 2017, we have started a new project, co-funded by the Municipality of Krakow, aimed at organizing in October 2017, the 4th edition of the INTERKULTURALIA Multicultural Festival in Krakow, this year being a part of the “Open Krakow” city social policy program, related to the integration of migrants public task.
The idea of Interkulturalia Festival arisen from the assumption that promotion of interculturalism is the key to the fight against racism and xenophobia and to increase the acceptance of diversity in the local environment. The primary objective of Interkulturalia was draw the attention of the residents of Krakow to issues of cultural diversity and need of the fight against racist and xenophobic attitudes. The project was therefore both inclusive and educational.

The forthcoming edition of the festival will fulfill these two assumptions even better than in former editions. Due to the prevailing socio-political situation, we have also decided to focus in the festival events on certain theme: revealing Muslim cultures and their contribution to the rise of cultural diversity in Europe and in the world. We will try to convince participants that all three largest monotheistic religions in Europe can peacefully coexist, leaving space for secularity.

Within the frame of integrative task we would like to present the events, ideas, actions and projects that are being implemented in Krakow for the purpose of cheering multiculturalism by social organizations, informal groups or institutions, giving them space to present their achievements.

As usual there will be an opportunity for the Krakow people to meet in diverse environment and celebrate it together as an element enriching local social relations and fostering the cultural development of the local community.

In Festivals agenda we will include workshops, meetings, lectures, vernissages, movie screenings, official and semi-formal events, concluded with a multicultural picnic and the final live concert of Mamadou Diouf’s hot Polish-Senegal rhythms.

As we care about the participatory nature of the festival, we encourage all interested parties to submit ideas for a festival event, which we may help to organize or include in the festival agenda. If you know someone who would like to help or get involved in co-organizing certain events, donate additional resources, or otherwise contribute to festival success – pass our contact.

See you at the events of the 4th edition of INTERKULTURALIA Festival.

Project is co-financed by the Municipality of Krakow.