April 2020 – December 2020

We were for the second time partner organization in The Information Point for Foreigners in Kraków. Point had been operating since April 2018. As a result of the announced competition, the operator of the Point The Foundation for Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation “U-WORK” was selected.

According to the assumptions of the Open Kraków Programme, the task of the Information Point for Foreigners was to achieve the following objectives:

1. Increasing foreigners’ knowledge of their rights and obligations and issues related to urban life in the areas:
– access to education,
– access to health care,
– access to culture,
– specialist rights, e. g. driving licences, bicycle cards for minors,
– access to social assistance and social benefits,
– access to the labour market and equal conditions of employment, job placement, personal or vocational counselling,
– access to the housing market,
– access to emergency intervention, legal aid, attorney, psychological assistance, etc.,
– the experience of unequal treatment, including violence and/or discrimination,
– assistance in settling life issues, e. g. legalization of stay, obtaining the Card of the Pole, registration, PESEL, E-PUAP,
– registration of children, citizenship, work permits, etc.,
– take advantage of opportunities to improve their knowledge and competencies, e. g. free and/or paid language courses, qualification courses, vocational courses.

2. The increase of civic involvement of foreigners living in Kraków and their integration with the inhabitants of the city through:
– identification of opportunities to become involved in the activities of social groups and undertake  the civic activity, assistance in association and self-organisation,
– providing information on organizations and institutions working for the benefit of migrants and national and ethnic minorities in Kraków,
– popularisation of knowledge about cultural and educational events and events,
– popularisation of the idea of the Civic Budget   Avoidance of the Expat Blues phenomenon,

3. Strengthening information and promotion activities in the area of integration of foreigners in Kraków, including :
– operation of the e-mail box of the Information Point made available for servicing foreigners (info@migrant.krakow.pl),
– operation of an on-call telephone number (12 312 46 06) for information for foreigners during their on-call time,
– FanPage on Facebook of the Information Point for Foreigners, permanent contact with the Department for Social Projects, Dialogue and Multiculturalism in the field of developing content for publication,
– providing posters and Point leaflets to offices and institutions servicing migrants.

4. Service in the Information Point was provided at least in the 4 following languages: Polish, English, Ukrainian, Russian.

The point was run by the Foundation for Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation U-WORK in cooperation with :
Foundation for the Support of Polish Language and Culture M. Reja,  ONE WORLD- ONE HEART Foundation,
Association of Multicultural Families
and the media patron “UAinKrakow.pl”.

The project was financed by Municipality of Kraków.