A new article by Jakub Kościółek in the “Kultura i Edukacja” journal

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We encourage you to read the article Jakub Kościółek from our Association entitled “Invisible Children: Children from a Migration Background in Polish Dormitories”, which appeared in the latest issue of the “Kultura i Edukacja” journal. The situation of children from a migration background in Polish dormitories and boarding schools is analysed herein. It is an emerging issue, practically absent in child studies in Poland. The author refers to research that is a part of MiCreate (Migrant Children and Communities in Transforming Europe) and demonstrates that despite the growing presence of migrant children in dormitories, they are invisible within the education system. The legal gaps in regulations applying to these children as residents of dormitories are explored herein, and integrative measures are analysed to find the possible causes of their ineffectiveness. The research was conducted in a dormitory in the city of Kraków. It included interviews with the institution’s staff, participatory observations and autobiographical narrative interviews with students. This article may inspire further large-scale research into the problems of migrant children being present and living in such dormitories.

We would like to thank the Management, employees and pupils of the Secondary School Dormitory No. 2 in Krakow for their participation in the research. Without their commitment and support, the article could not have been written.

The text of the article can be found here: https://czasopisma.marszalek.com.pl/…/8631-kie2022212

The text of the article in pdf format. can also be found in the tab: Publications.