Intercultural Academy – Goodpractices. Publication available now!

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As a result of „Intercultural Academy – good practices” project, INTERKULTURALNI PL has published a report on initiatives aiming at promotion of cultural diversity in Malopolska region. Among organisations that have introduced good practices were: companies and corporations (private sector), public departments and services (public sector), universities and student organisations (higher education sector). 

The Academy participants proposed various activities ranging from organisational values and strategies to promotion of equal opportunities, appreciation of cultural differences, integration of foreigners, education, organisation of events and introducing individual solutions. One of the examples could be a Welcome.PL Project which aimed at supporting foreign workers during their first few weeks in Poland (Capgemini Sp. z o.o.). Another good practice – anti-racist and anti-Semitics graffiti measures – was introduced by the City Guard.  Also Jagiellonian University and their Centre for European Studies took part in the project and organised complex “how to deal with cultural shock” workshops and sessions for foreign students.

Most of the practices that were introduced by companies, corporations, universities and student  organisations aimed at integration of foreigners. The actions undertaken were: Polish culture workshops, integrative events, relocation packets, and Polish language classes. Organisations employing foreigners are becoming more aware of their employees’ variety. Therefore they try to create programs that would support employees during their stay in Poland. Public sector units proposed the idea of presenting foreign cultures events. Among received applications we could find such actions as the cooperation with non-governmental organisations in the scope of both public and private sector (Interkulturalia. Let’s meet!; project “Prevention and reaction strategy on racist or xenophobic incidents in the urban space of the city – proposal to local government of Kraków”)

As a part of the Academy, our Association has prepared an educational offer. In March three cross-cultural workshops for different units that had sent good practice were organised. The workshops included  cross-cultural competence, – communication and working in a multicultural team. There were 35 participants form Poland, Ukraine, Hungary and Italy all together taking part in our initiative. They could have a closer look on the rules of perception, culture influence on human behaviour, differences in work preferences, communication styles and conflict solving.

[ *** The publication is available in Polish at the bottom of this page. English version of the report coming soon!]