We are collecting funds for soccer outfits and equipment for children team from Ethiopia

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During the Interkulturalia 2015 Festival we have started a public raising funds charity action, that aims to purchase football outfits and equipment for African children soccer team in Lalibela, Ethiopia. There are 14 boys in the team, joined by passion for football, that allow them to go beyond struggles of everyday life, poverty and bad living conditions. Unfortunately boys do not have even decent ball for playing, not mentioning the outfits and sneakers. Professional outfits and equipment would definitely raised their quality of life, brought joy and pride in performing their passion.

Money for the team is collected also through our account

no.  03 1240 4650 1111 0010 4007 9313

please add in the transfer title: “Kick some coins for Africa”.

We appreciate all charity, even the smallest amounts. 

Private persons may deduct 6% and companies 10% from the base of income, counted for the tax purposes.