Intekulturalia Intercultural Festival

August 2015 – December 2015

On August 1st 2015 we had started a project, that is financed by the Municipality of Krakow, which aimed to organize the 2nd edition of Intekulturalia Intercultural Festival as a part of the public task referring to “Promotion and protection of human rights and civic liberties, including tasks supporting democracy development.”
The idea of Interkulturalia Festival arised from the assumption that promotion of interticulturalism is the key to the fight against racism and xenophobia and to increase the acceptance of diversity in the local environment.
The primary objective of Interkulturalia was draw the attention of the residents of Krakow to issues of cultural diversity and need of the fight against racist and xenophobic attitudes.

The activities provided an opportunity to the people of Krakow, derived from different backgrounds and cultures the possibility to meet and jointly celebrate diversity as an asset enriching local social relations and a favorable cultural development of the local community.

The festival participant were able to take part in dance, culinary, calligraphic and music workshops, and learn diversity of languages, culture, art and cuisine around the world. There was possible to see exhibition about immigrants, film show and attend a final music event summarizing the festival. Foreigners also had the opportunity to present their culture during a multicultural fair.  

The project was cofinanced by Municipality of Krakow.