“Lessons of tolerance – draft scenarios for schools”

November 2016 – March 2017

In November, the Association started a new project called “Lessons of tolerance – draft scenarios for schools”, the aim of which was to prepare a methodological guide for teachers how to tell students of middle and high schools about issues of tolerance, social diversity and anti-discrimination. Guide was published in the electronic version in the form of a specific lesson plans, with numerous “examples taken from life”, proposals of teaching materials, explanation of concepts and direct plan how to introduce elements of antidiscrimination education to school. Lessons were devoted to national and ethnic minorities, refugees, religious tolerance and respect to personal views. The project also run a website where teachers are able to contact us, seek knowledge and sustain responses to questions asked by them and students (FAQ). Scenarios was ready on 31st of December 2016 and will be made available to schools as an elective courses.

The project was co-financed by funds from the Municipality of Krakow.