On June, 20th we celebrate the International Refugee Day

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As everyday year, on 20th of June the World is celebrating the International Refugee Day. We would very much like such a day not to exist, so people were never forced to be refugees. The reality, however, is far from ideal, so let us show refugees our solidarity, do not fear them and do not stigmatize them. Let’s try to understand the processes that cause the necessity to change place of living, not only wars, but also more “prosaic”, such as poverty, diseases, natural disasters caused by climate change.
In unfavourable circumstances, each of us may become a refugee, regardless of our social and financial status. If we have the opportunity, let us influence others in our environment, including, in particular, local and central politicians, so that they treat refugees with dignity, especially if they declare their commitment to Christian values.
Let the government seize the blockade of the border crossings in Brest/ Terespol and protect those who need such protection. For those who will stay with us, let us provide hospitality so that, depending on their will, they become valuable citizens and citizens of our country or can return safely to their homes and homelands.