The NEW ABC project is in full swing

We are starting the second month of activities in a new research project implemented under the Horizon 2020 program, financed by the European Commission, under the name “New ABC – Networking the Educational World: Across the Boundaries for Community Building”. The January kick off meeting of all foreign partners who surprised us with their openness, straightforwardness and even stunning creativity is just behind of us.

The project aims to create nine innovative integration pilot practices in the field of children’s education, with particular emphasis on migration experiences.

The association will be responsible for mapping the stakeholders and creating an roadmap of activities in the project and the methodology for implementing and co-creating new educational solutions in schools. We are guided by such ideas as the whole-child approach, bottom-up approach, participatory research actions, ability to care and compassion, co-creation. We will work with an excellent and proven research team, the core of which is Urszula Majcher-Legawiec, Jagoda (Jadwiga) Romanowska, Joanna Durlik, Adam Bulandra. Jakub Kościółek as coordinator will be to supervise them, care over them and their well-being and the success of the entire project. We have a great logo announcing an excellent project that will hopefully change the approach to inclusion and inclusive education. Stay tuned for more information!